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Create an account as Attendee

Navigate through the evensts

Click on the evnt that you are intrested in

Click on the Ticket of your intrest.

And make a payment for it, you can pay with Mobile money or with your debit card.

After making the payment, You will recieve your ticket on email, the sma eticket is also available in your account dashboard

This ticket is presented to the event gates for scanning and verification

NB: You MUST present the ticket, not a payment reciept.


You can also book a slot in a venue through this website.

You click on Venues and select the venue of intrest

The catalogue will show up and you will read read the map of the venue

Select the areas of intrest and book them

After submiting, the venue owner will recive a notification to verify your booking

After verifying the booking, you will have access to the payment button

Make a payment and present that Email to the Venue on arrival



Create an account as Orgniser

A verification email will be send to the email address that you used, CLick on that link to verify your email

You will have to wait for the Admin of Lyxa to apprive and verify your account (KYC)

Then you can publish your events and add tickets to them

You can invite other users to your event so that they can manage it

When people make payment, you are able to see those transactions and other data like Number of tickets sold, number of attendees, and the amount of money collected from each event

Cash and Digital payment are supported

You the onwer of the event has a provission to withdraw your money after 24 hrs within your account

Or you can get cash directly from Lyxa Admin


You can also add Venues so that people can book them

You need to set-up a catalogue for thise venues

When people submit there booking you will recive an email notification

Follow those bookings in the application and verify them so that your customers can be able to make the payment

After payment the customer will recive an email that they present to you as proof of booking

When the customer leaves the premises, you need to make that Cataloguie item available so that it can be booked again

When people are booking a slot in your venue, they pay the money assigned to the catalogue item

All this money is collected in the wallet for you to withdraw after 24hrs

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